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Who are we

Who are we?

John Hale
Sports and Remedial Massage
  Tel No. 07702089962

John began his vocation into massage therapy in 1992, gaining his diploma in Anatomy and Physiology and Swedish massage at Stamford College.

Finding he had a natural flair for body massage he continued his training with Harry Naylor at The International Register of Massage Therapists acquiring the necessary skills in Sports and Remedial Massage techniques.

Not content with this John strived to enhance his abilities with training in Sports Therapy with The Academy of Sports Therapy and The Football Association, gaining Diplomas with them both.

To this day John continues to search for ways to further his career, learning specialist techniques in soft tissue release and joint manipulation, Neuro muscular massage and trigger point Therapy.

John has over the years developed his own special treatment protocol of applying ultra-sound to the trigger points of the affected muscles, followed by deep neuro muscular massage. This occasionally can be unpleasant, but is effective.

This treatment has proven to relieve and alleviate the aches and pains of scores of John’s patients.

To all his loyal followers John is known as ‘Magic-Hands’

Come to Overtones to experience John’s treatments and feel the benefits yourself.

John Hale
Jane Hale
Relaxation and Sports Massage
  Tel No: 07799663865

Jane began her career in massage in 2003, having gained her Diploma in Anatomy and Physiology at Stamford College, and a Certificate in Swedish Massage.

Jane also achieved a Diploma in Sports Massage in Sports Massage Therapy from Peterborough Regional College in 2004.

Her interest in Massage Therapy was prompted after having received a course of treatment to help alleviate a problem with her neck, being caused by working on a computer for long hours.

Jane now specializes in Relaxation Massage at Overtones for the stressed and over worked individual.

Jane’s unique massage technique incorporates swedish massage, sports massage, and hot rocks to sooth clients, ensuring they are completely relaxed.

  Jane Hale